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Over one year in the making! A very thorough and complete visual tour of the Big Island of Hawaii on one GREAT cd!

Contains over 2,000 images and almost 3 hours of Hawaiian music. This CD is a great tool for the first time Hawaii traveler, it is keyed to the highway map. You can see what the area is like, rather than wonder what is around that line on the roadmap. Read excerpts, know the history, get local hints, and find the right places for you.

The montage below is the smallest of samples of this wonderful tour!

pics from the tour

Big Island Tour on CD ($29.95 + $7.95 Shipping) Quantity:

It's really a micro cosmos of the entire earth, or almost. You can find 20 of the 21 micro climates on just the Big Island. Like all islands, the Big Island has a rainy (windward) side with lush jungles and a dry (leeward) side with desert and cacti. Between the beaches, there lies the rest of the earth.

Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, the massive twin mountains are primarily responsible for creating the island. Mauna Kea is the highest mountain on earth (if counted from the ocean floor). Mauna Loa has the largest mountain mass on earth. There's snow and sometimes even fierce snow storms on their peaks in the winter

Only on the Big Island!

Of course, there's the big star of the Big Island, Kilauea the active volcano. During its over 20 year history, it's been ferocious and gentle, destructive and constructive. When I'm writing this, it's gentle again. You can almost drive your car to the hot molten lava. That's why it's nicknamed "the drive-in volcano".

Only on the Big Island!


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